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Hello to all and welcome to our website!


My name is Greg Jaggers and I am the lead pastor at the new St. Paul's Memorial Church, now a nondenominational church formerly known as St. Paul's Memorial United Methodist Church. You may be reading this because you are looking for a new church or a new pastor.  Thanks to Google, you found us! 


I recently turned 66; God called me to the ministry around 2013 (probably earlier but I would not listen), so I am not 30 anymore. At the age of 58, I earned my Master's Degree in Ministry from Charlotte (NC) Bible College and Seminary. It has been quite a journey of purging things like sin, nasty stuff, a hard heart, selfishness, bad people, etc. Wow!  If you want to know how hard that was, call me. Yet, every step of the way, I felt Jesus holding my hand and leading me. Our difficulties depend on when we get on board to walk with and be completely obedient to God and His Calling. He not only wants us to love others but He instructs it. He commands and leads us to love others. I know without a doubt that I have been called by our Father to preach and I am blessed to preach. I am called to lead those who are saved in their walk to follow our Jesus while growing in Christian maturity and those who are not Christians ... yet. 


Some background.  I was born and raised in Rushville, IN.  After graduating from Rushville High School, I earned a BS degree in broadcasting from Ball State University.  I moved from Indianapolis to South Bend in 1988 to buy a small business. I was married in 1988 and the most precious daughter ever, Haley Lou Ann, was born in 1989. Four years later, my precious son, Alex (David Alexander) was born eight weeks early.  It was a little touch and go with him, but God was in this.  Today both are married and have beautiful baby boys, my grandsons, Jameson and Coleson.  God has been so good to me. 


I guess I am about as real a man as you will find. I wear my emotions on my sleeve; I am blessed with a sensitive heart. I try to be a true friend.  I stand up for what is good and what is right ... and I fail, but I repent and God continues to forgive me. I am promised salvation because I believe in His son, Jesus Christ.  My heart has been called by our God to go out and tell all about Jesus -- not just preaching on Sunday morning but to all I see. Yes, much of that does happen at St. Paul's and I am so thankful to God for guiding me here. It is a wonderful place to be and I can't wait to see what happens next. 


Please feel free to reach out to me at


Blessings to you all,


Pastor Greg 

Pastor Greg
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